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10 Best Apps to Use on a Giant iPad


The Crunchy team is often asked, “What are the best uses for Padzilla?” Our answer is, usually, “just about anything.” With Padzilla, the giant iPad accessory, you have... (more)

Crunchy Logistic’s Top 5 Best Things at Comic-Con 2013

1. Twistory Artists’ Mad Padzilla Skillz The Twistory artists at Comic-Con were amazingly talented, creating original masterpieces of cartoons and comics all with just SketchBook Pro, Padzilla, and... (more)

Crunchy Logistics introduces MIKASA Social | Media | Play

MIKASA | Social | Media | Play is the newest installment from Crunchy Logistics. MIKASA takes customer interaction to a whole new level by creating an interactive environment for patrons... (more)