Supersize your iOS experience. Giant iPhone. Huge iPad.

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Padzilla is an interactive accessory for iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

Our display incorporates the latest multi-touch technology and software to allow your mobile tablet or phone to be increased in size, while keeping the same touch functionality that everyone knows and loves! Just plug in your phone or tablet to interact with all your favorite websites, apps, and software on a large touch screen display. Padzillas are great for live demos, architecture, marketing, retail and interactive presentations.

Giant Touch Screen

iOS features
Plug in your iPad or iPhone.

Padzilla connects to your iPad or iPhone to a large touch screen, giving you the full functionality of your iDevice on a giant display. Padzilla uses our custom software application to perfectly mirror the images and touch of your phone or tablet, giving your touch screen the same functionality as a giant iPad or iPhone!

Access over 1,000,000+ Apps!

iOS apps
Supersize your favorite apps.

Plug in your iPad, iPhone, or Android device to use existing applications or any other downloaded app on the App Store. This allows Padzilla to become a multi-purpose device coupled with a giant display.

Multiple Operating Systems

operating systems
Switch between iOS and Android.

Padzilla gives you the option of personalizing your giant touch screen. Padzilla can function on most operating systems, including iOS, OSX, Android, Windows and Linux. If you are an android or iOS fanatic, you have the option of using whichever you prefer, and even switching between the two!

The World’s Largest iPad Accessory

Padzilla supports up to 32 multi-touch points, a front facing camera, and a working home and sleep button. Padzilla can mount on to your office wall, stand at your trade show booth or in your lobby, or even become an interactive table!


padzilla giant iPad
Choose your size.

We offer Padzilla in multiple sizes ranging from 32 inches to 80 inches. The standard sizes for our Padzilla Lite model are 40, 55, 70 and 80 inches; for Padzilla Pro, the sizes are 40, 55 and 65 inches.


padzilla giant iPad
Choose your model.

Our Padzilla Lite model includes a front facing frame with an open back, while our Padzilla Pro model includes a full aluminum case. Both versions come with custom Padzilla software and touch screen with six standard touch points.


large display lifter
Choose your mount.

Padzilla can be mounted to a wall, or go mobile with the Nomad Lifter, a customized lift case that makes the setup, rotation, transportation and breakdown of Padzilla or other large displays quick and easy.

Remote iOS Management

remote managementRemotely log into your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch with the included Mac Mini computer for support or updates. Share the iPad screen and control with GoToMeeting, WebEx, and Skype during video conferences or meetings. Give live demos and presentations from anywhere!
padzilla giant iPad

Dynamically Interact with Padzilla via Keyboard and Mouse

iOS settings

Change settings / preferences.

iOS apps

Add new apps or updates.


Remotely test software.

iPad button

Simulate hardware buttons.


padzilla giant iPad
padzilla giant iPad
padzilla giant iPad
padzilla giant iPad
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