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Our Work

From interactive kiosks to audiovisual environment designs, Crunchy Logistics has solutions for all types of companies.

Padzilla 70 inch iPad-iPhone case
Hard Rock Cafe Global Content Distribution System
Rockwell Automation Fair
National Council of Presidents 2013


giant ipad huge ipad giant iphone huge iphone larger ipad iOS remote touch display

Padzilla is an interactive accessory for iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. Our display incorporates the latest multi-touch technology and software to allow your mobile tablet or phone to be increased in size, while keeping the same touch functionality that everyone knows and loves!

Just plug in your phone or tablet to interact with all your favorite websites, apps, and software on a large touch screen display. Padzillas are great for live demos, architecture, marketing, retail and interactive presentations.


social media software development ios app development android software creation

MIKASA includes custom media content, live social media experiences, and interactive real-time games. MIKASA is perfect for any business looking to entertain guests, grow customer retention and increase length of stay.

The MIKASA system includes both hardware and software, and can be customized to include all features (media, social and play), individual features, or combinations any two features.

Multi Projection

projection stitching projector mapping multi projection system

Mikasa Projection is the high performance, multi wall projection wall system for anyone looking for a solution that makes sense. It is packed with the features and flexibility you need to create an engaging solution tailored to your needs.

Let Mikasa Projection worry about the technology so you can focus on creating a memorable experience for your audience.

Nomad Lifter

large display lifter multi-touch giant screen rotate portrait landscape automatic electric electronic

Nomad lifter is capable of safely transporting and lifting displays up to 80 inches in diagonal. Nomad connects to the back of your large display screen, allowing you to easily move it up and down for the perfect height, as well as rotate the screen landscape or portrait depending on your content needs.

The Nomad Lifter is designed to effortlessly lift itself, along with your heavy screen, back into the ready to ship air transportation association (ATA) case.

Touch Screens

interactive touch screens trade show kiosks tradeshow interactive touchscreen

Crunchy touch screens give your business the tools to maximize the impact of interactive digital signage. Our touch screens allow you to increase the size of your phone, tablet, or laptop, while keeping the same functionality of the connected device.

These high quality touch screen hardware and software packages are a great investment for companies looking to drive employee productivity, engage retail customers and entertain large audiences at events and trade shows.

Video Walls

video wall systems installation software design large led videowall thin bezel thinnest multi unit custom videowall shapes

Crunchy provides breath-taking video wall systems to stimulate the imagination and dazzle the senses through the highest quality hardware, software and content systems.

Crunchy can design your video wall to fit your business needs. Our ultra slim bezels provide picture and video that is spread seamlessly across the screens to produce a clear and uniform display.


The work Crunchy has been doing is a game changer for this industry. – Dave Ugan, VP Information Technology at Foundation Partners

The “Padzilla” display Crunchy Logistics offered exceeded our expectations and was the only thing of its kind on the market.

You guys did a great job and I look forward to partnering up again next year! – Hernan Capdevila, Oracle Director of Fusion iOS Applications

You pulled off a flawless and impressive event.  You and your team are amazing.  I thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart for everything... (more)