About Us

Connecting companies to customers in innovative ways.

About Crunchy

Crunchy Logistics is a pioneering technology firm based in Orlando, Florida. Founded in 2008, Crunchy specializes in connecting companies to customers in innovative ways. Crunchy uses bleeding edge technology to design and implement enchanting environments and products that actively engage your customers with your company’s brand.

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Crunchy has a unique line of products and services that allows your company to make a large impact on your customers. From our larger than life Padzilla digital display to our interactive MIKASA media platform, Crunchy technology connects your business to your customer on a whole new level of engagement. Crunchy Logistics is unique because of its diverse team of experts in various fields, including software development, engineering, digital media and audio/visual design.

Crunchy services include an all-in-one solutions to your technology needs, including system creation, development, management, and 24/7 technical support. Crunchy’s goal is to give your organization a perfectly tailored system that is customized to fit your needs. Crunchy works one-on-one with you to create permanent benefits for your organization and your clients.

Mission & Vision

Crunchy’s mission encompasses the overall initiative to change the world one experience at a time for our clients and their customers. Crunchy wants to help businesses succeed in the rapidly growing and changing global marketplace. Crunchy products and services aim to connect the current systems available with emerging technological advancements in order to create new and innovative solutions that allow businesses to better communicate with their customer base.

As a small business, Crunchy Logistics has a unique ability to create customized shortcuts that save your business time and money. With back end (software) and front-end (hardware) expertise, Crunchy is able to create customized systems that are energy efficient, easy to install, and easily upgraded and expanded.

Crunchy is also on a mission to create a creative and innovative work environment for its employees. Crunchy has a uniquely friendly and fast-paced work environment with a core group of thirteen employees in Orlando, plus 300 talented technical gurus across 72 different cities, in 31 countries. The Crunchy workplace incentivizes creative, out of the box thinking and innovation. Employees can often be found debating the latest Apple product, experimenting with new ways to build Crunchy products, and playing epic games of ping-pong.


Neil Dufva Chief Executive Officer Crunchy Logistics

Neil Dufva, CEO

Neil Dufva is an imaginative jack of all trades, with expertise in many different areas, from finance to information technology, computer programming, engineering to technical project management. Through his experience working around the globe, Neil was able to meet like-minded business-hungry industry professionals that share his vision to make the world of technology continents whole. Neil is free-thinker who uses his skills to think and create outside of the normal standards of today. Neil graduated from UCF in 2006 with a degree in finance and just one year later founded Crunchy Logistics. Crunchy Logistics embodies Neil’s vision to eliminate the disconnect between current uninspired information technology and recent major technological advancements. Neil Dufva has been committed to Crunchy Logistics and growing the company ever since, leading Crunchy Logistics to the Inc. 500 List of 2012 and 2013. Neil was also featured as the #1 Asian Entrepreneur of the Inc. 500 2012 List.

Adi Khanna Cheif Financial Officer Crunchy Logistics

Adi Khanna, CFO

Adi Khanna’s professional experience ranges from entrepreneurial ventures to corporate environments. After graduating from University of Tampa with a degree in finance, Adi worked with Merril Lynch as an analyst for two years. Adi continued his education at Rollins College, and completed his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Crummer Graduate School in 2011. Adi Khanna began as the Director of Finance in August of 2010 and has led the company to financial success ever since.

Leo Moretti Chief Operations Officer Crunchy Logistics

Leo Moretti, COO

Leonardo, or Leo, graduated from University of South Florida with a B.S. in Finance. Leo is fluent in both Portuguese and Spanish. After graduation, Leo worked as a project manager at Pearl Logic consultant firm. Leo played many different roles at Pearl, and gained experience in advising, aiding, and helping to manage many different types of technology businesses. Leonardo holds certificates in Digital Media and Software Programming with companies such as Crestron Electronics and Peavey Media Matrix. Leonardo joined the Crunchy team as the Director of Operations and he currently oversees many large projects, and specifically manages the audio video and interactive support teams for Crunchy’s larger clients.