Audio and Video Lighting Services

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Improve your audio, video and lighting environment.

We specialize in the designing, planning and installation of all your audio video lighting needs. Crunchy Logistics will plan the entire project with detailed designs that include infrastructure wiring diagrams, equipment locations, symbol legends, and rack elevations for architect specifications. This can range from a small project such as an equipment upgrade to large scale redesign.

Crunchy Logistics uses state of the art digital media transportation and matrix systems that are designed to handle all uncompressed digital and analog signals bandwidth with no distortion or skew. The matrix system is completely custom and expandable, giving your organization the ability to grow and upgrade as new digital media advancements come to market. Crunchy designs audiovisual upgrades with minimal cabling changes in order to reduce upgrade costs.

High Resolution Projection

Add entertainment value…

…and visual depth to your organization’s venue with high-resolution projection. Large scale projections can be used to promote your organization’s brand or increase the visual interest of your venue. See how we integrated a large scale projection at GreenLawn Funeral Homes.

Distributed and Live Audio

Crunchy designs live audio systems …

… that are perfectly catered to your venue’s size, location and acoustics. Easily setup bands, music, artists and live entertainment at your venue with a customized system that fits your pricing needs. Crunchy also offers Custom Media Packages with songs and music videos to add value for your customers 24/7.

Intelligent LED Lighting

Intelligent LED lighting is a must have …

… for any high-end venue. LED lights save energy and create a captivating experience for customers. Combine LED lighting with projection and high quality audio systems to create the most engaging environment for your audience.

Automated Control Systems

automated control system
Automated Control Systems give your business the ability to easily control, manage, and update your media content. These customized systems give you the time to run your business without worrying about the music, sound quality, volume, or video quality. Crunchy’s custom software even allows your system to automatically adjust in real-time the music volume according to the baseline audio volume of the room. Automated control allows you to focus on your own business’ and customer’s needs instead of constantly managing your audiovisual environment.


audio visual design
audio visual design
audio visual design
audio visual design
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