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Using the Padzilla as a interactive mirror display utilizing your iPhone iPad or Android device

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We just released our newest video showing an interesting way to use Padzilla by utilizing an LED mirror reflective surface display. Using this type of display, you can... (more)

Top 10 awesome things you can do with text

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Redirecting to Padzilla!

New G5 Touch Overlays Now Available at

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The highly upgraded G5 touch overlay features up to 4K touch fidelity with noise reduced to 1/20 or less. Now compatible with an active or passive styluses, objects... (more)

Crunchy in 2014 Florida Companies to Watch

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Crunchy is honored to be a part of Grow FL’s annual top 50 2014 Florida Companies to Watch award! Florida Companies to Watch celebrates growing second-stage companies headquartered... (more)

New lower Padzilla Pricing with new Padzilla models available and online store coming soon!

We have been working extremely hard to provide Padzilla to a larger market by making it more cost-effective in our production and assembly and giving more available options... (more)

Add dynamically updated prices next to your BigCommerce store product options

This isn’t a typical Crunchy Blog post but we’ve been in the process of setting up our online technology store using a solution called BigCommerce. Its a pretty... (more)

How Touch Screens Improve Board Room Efficiency

With the right tools, employees gain the resources to improve productivity, foster collaboration and increase communications. Interactive touch screens are the perfect instruments for multitasking, sharing ideas, and... (more)

Most Innovative Uses for Large Touch Screens

Large interactive displays are becoming useful for businesses in many different industries, from fast food stores to subway stations and car dealerships. As the touch screen market grows,... (more)

Crunchy’s Giant iPhone Device, Padzilla, Upgrades to iOS 7!

Crunchy Logistics upgraded Padzilla, the giant iPhone accessory, to function on the new iOS 7 operating system. Padzilla allows users to interact with their iPhones and iPads seamlessly... (more)

8 Tips for Using Digital Signage at Trade Shows

The sheer size of conventions today can be overwhelming; attendees are often caught wandering aimlessly through all of the displays, booths, and sales teams. Digital signage is not... (more)

The Growing Digital Signage Industry and it’s Effects on Advertising

Discussion revolving around the growing digital signage market has become a hot topic, particularly in the tech industry. Digital signage has become a buzz word, along with “DOOH”... (more)

10 Best Apps to Use on a Giant iPad

The Crunchy team is often asked, “What are the best uses for Padzilla?” Our answer is, usually, “just about anything.” With Padzilla, the giant iPad accessory, you have... (more)

Hard Rock International Client of the Year 2013

Before: CRT Standard Definition Monitors After: High Definition LED Monitors Crunchy Logistics recently designed a full internal video infrastructure and distribution system for the Hard Rock Cafe in... (more)

Padzilla, giant iPad accessory, wins DIGI Award 2014

Digital Signage Magazine awarded Padzilla Best New Generation Large Screen Device of 2014. The DIGI Awards by Digital Signage Magazine recognize the resellers, integrators and service providers who... (more)

National Council of Presidents 2013

Crunchy Logistics joined Florida Hospital for their annual National Council of the Presidents event on November 22nd 2013. Guests of the event included CEO of Mazor Robotics, Ori... (more)

The History of Padzilla, the World’s Biggest iPad Device

The Crunchy team recognized the demand for a larger than life, fully functional iPad. This giant iPad had yet to exist, and the creative minds at Crunchy Logistics... (more)

Crunchy Logistics Ranks in the Inc 500 2013 for Second Year in a Row

Inc. magazine ranked Crunchy Logistics No. 254 on its 32nd annual Inc. 500|5000, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. Crunchy Logistics has achieved a three-year growth rate... (more)

Crunchy Logistic’s Top 5 Best Things at Comic-Con 2013

1. Twistory Artists’ Mad Padzilla Skillz The Twistory artists at Comic-Con were amazingly talented, creating original masterpieces of cartoons and comics all with just SketchBook Pro, Padzilla, and... (more)

Crunchy Logistics introduces MIKASA Social | Media | Play

MIKASA | Social | Media | Play is the newest installment from Crunchy Logistics. MIKASA takes customer interaction to a whole new level by creating an interactive environment for patrons... (more)

Crunchy Logistics Exhibits at InfoComm 2013

After many sleepless nights, Crunchy Logistics finally made it to InfoComm 2013. Joining up with PQ Labs, Crunchy showcased the fearless Padzilla, the eye-catching, multi-touch video wall, and... (more)