Indoor LED Tiles

Indoor LED Tiles
Produce Stunning Visuals in Any Environment

LED Walls provide the sort of high-impact visuals that will transform your business environment. Our Indoor LED Walls will engage customers, increase their length of stay, and increase customer retention. Enhance brand recognition exponentially with your target audience. We build any size and shape display to fit your needs.

High-Resolution 1.5mm Pitch

Up to 2800nits Brightness

1000Hz Refresh Rate

IP43 Water Resistance

Black Based LEDs

PITCH: Clearer, sharper HD images from any distance
BRIGHTNESS: Generate perfect pictures even in direct sunlight
REFRESH RATE: Minimize interference from outside light sources
BLACK BASED LEDs: Obtain higher contrast ratios with true blacks
IP65 RESISTANCE: Dust-tight and protected against the heaviest rain
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Permanent Installs

Shape your customer’s experience from the onset. From hotel lobby displays to visitor information screens, Indoor LED Walls increase marketing efficiencies by creating lasting impressions. Test new strategies quickly and easily, and gain the customer insight that you need to make smarter business decisions.

Hotels and Casino

Theater and Cinema

Malls and Retail

120° Viewing Angle

-20°C to 60°C Range

Easy Maintenance

Impact Resistant

4-Way Locking System

Temporary Installs

Not all LED walls need to be permanent fixtures in your business. If you’re looking for an adaptable solution to fit any event, promotion, or advertising need, look no further than Crunchy’s temporary LED walls. These easily configured panels provide maximum flexibility with regards to the installation, takedown, and transport of your new, vibrant display. Regardless of the number of LED tiles, no mounting frame is required – each panel features an external, four-way locking system that allows for simple, time-saving construction.


Concerts and Festivals

Events and Trade Shows

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