Interactive Software Development

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Interactive media is the latest and most effective way to engage your client base.

Crunchy Logistics’ extensive experience in designing, developing and maintaining touch interactive surfaces has provided us with a wealth of expertise in touch-based user interface systems. At Crunchy, we understand that interactive media is becoming a pillar of business-consumer relationships in today’s high-tech world. Crunchy Logistics currently manages hundreds of interactive media systems all over the world. In fact, Crunchy manages some of the largest touch screens in the world, connecting tens of thousands of clients with businesses every day of the week.

Touch Technology

touch table
Enter the next level of engagement.

Touch screens and touch tables are the next level of engagement that will give your business the innovative edge over competitors.

Crunchy’s touch screens are unique because they utilize existing operating systems like iOS, OSX, Windows and Android, giving you access to over a million games, tools, and resources.

Gesture Recognition

gesture recognition
Control and interact without touch.

Crunchy Logistics develops custom software that allows your screen, monitor, video wall, or any other visual device to work seamlessly with Microsoft Kinect and Leap Motion.

Gesture recognition never fails to impress even the most tech-savvy audience.

Crunchy provides quality products and advanced software that allows your business to create interactive media that has never been seen before.

Media Environments

interactive media enviroment
Create an interactive environment.

Interactive audio-visual environments are the ultimate way to create an atmosphere for your business patrons.

Crunchy Logistics makes the design, planning, and implementation of your audio-visual environment effortless. Crunchy’s media system gives you the ability to centrally control, customize and update media on unlimited screens in multiple venue locations.

What do you want to be made interactive?

Crunchy Logistics specializes in creating media systems that interact specifically with your target audience. From interactive conference rooms to interactive bowling alleys, Crunchy has designed and implemented many creative projects. Let us know how we can help make your interactive media project a reality.


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