Multi Projection Systems

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Multi Projection Systems
Your All-in-One Projection Solution

Mikasa Multi Projection is the high performance, multi wall projection wall system for anyone looking for a solution that just makes sense.

It is packed with the features and flexibility you need to create an engaging solution tailored to your needs. Let Mikasa Projection worry about the technology so you can focus on creating a memorable experience for your audience.

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Integrate existing content into your system

Content can come in many different formats. Mikasa Projection supports images, videos and captured content (HDMI & SDI) so you can easily integrate existing media into your system.

Control Your Content Via iPad®

We thought meticulously about the best way to make controlling such a powerful and intricate system intuitive without a steep learning curve. The result was an obvious choice to merge the simplicity of using an iPad with Mikasa.

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Projection Blending

Mikasa Projection supports nearly any configuration* of projectors needed to meet your requirements. Create seemless whole wall projection displays using Mikasa’s easy to use projector blending and stitching features.

Never let location hold you back. Mikasa allows you to account for projection warping, curved projection, dome projection, and even projector room simulations.

Mikasa Multi Projection - Before Blending

Display 1 & 2: Before Blending

Mikasa Multi Projection - After Blending

Display 1 + 2: After Blending

Multi Projection Horizontal Blending


Multi Projection Vertical Blending


Multi Projection Warped Blending


Gamma CorrectionColor Wheel

We realize not all projectors are created equal and that means their color reproduction will often not match during the blending process. With Mikasa Projection you can control gamma across the board to level the playing field and bring out the true colors in your projected image.

Multi Projection Before Gamma Correction

Raw Footage

Multi Projection After Gamma Correction

With Gamma Correction

Gamma Curve
Multi Projection Balanced RGB Values




Scalable Projection Displays

Add as many displays to your projection wall as needed. Use short throw projectors to minimize projector distance and any shadows casted.

Picture in Picture (PIP)

Content creation is expensive and once it’s done there’s no going back. With the new picture-in-picture feature you can easily display content over content in real time.

Projection Mapping

Map your projections to any size you need to maximize their performance. Take advantage of 3D projection mapping to utilize touch and gesture recognition.

Create Your Own Playlists

Create unique slideshows using your loaded content with soft transitions between still images. Whether you’re switching between sources through the control interface or the system is cycling through your custom playlist, Mikasa Projection changes gears with smooth transitions.

Mikasa Transitions

MIKASA Hardware
Mikasa Multi Projection Hardware - Mac Mini

Mac Mini®

Software Preinstalled

Mikasa Multi Projection Hardware - iPad


Mikasa Multi Projection Hardware - Black Magic Mini Recorder

Black Magic
Mini Recorder®

Additional Hardware

• Projectors
• Network Router / Switch

New LED / laser hybrid projectors now available!
(up to 20,000hr bulb life)