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MIKASA Social | Media | Play is a complete entertainment platform.

MIKASA includes custom media content, live social media experiences, and interactive real-time games. MIKASA is perfect for any business looking to entertain guests, grow customer retention and increase customer length of stay. The MIKASA system includes both hardware and software, and can be customized to include all features (media, social and play), individual features, or combinations any two features.

mikasa social


mikasa social

Connect with your customers.

MIKASA Social allows your customers to interact with your brand and their friend network. Communicate specials, discounts, and news easily on top of your existing video content, television broadcast, or stream. MIKASA’s live social media streams can be used in any venue, from restaurants and bars to office lobbies, hotels, and events.

mikasa media


mikasa media

Centrally manage your content.

MIKASA Media is a centrally managed content and promotion playback system. MIKASA Media provides all of the media content that your company needs to perfectly cater to your client’s musical, cultural, and social tastes. MIKASA will remotely control, monitor, manage, and distribute your content to countless locations around the world.

mikasa play


mikasa play

Play out of the box.

MIKASA Play allows you to create your own branded game experiences using our custom application templates. MIKASA Play will motivate client participation and loyalty in unique experiences, such as interactive trivia and other challenges.




MIKASA Social allows any display or television to run live social media updates across the top of the screen. These updates allow customers to personally interact with your company’s brand and feel a personal connection with your business. With MIKASA, your customer can add their voice to your company’s brand message.

Real-Time Updates

real time updates


Get real-time updates without changing your media.

Centralized Feeds

centralized feeds


Integrate multiple accounts from various social media networks into one unified feed.

Mobile Notifications

mobile notifications


Mobile notifications and alerts sent directly to your smart phone.

Filter Customization

MIKASA Social includes filter customization that allows you to decide exactly what social media messages to allow on your feed and what to disapprove.

Profanity Filter

filter customization

Automatically remove profane words and their variations. Custom user dictionaries can be implemented to display very specific, genre-based feeds.

Negative Word Scoring

word cloud

Each keyword is given a value and scored based on usage. Sentences are scored based on the amount of negative words or phrases in a given sentence.

Approval Notifications

approval notifications

If a sentence exceeds the set threshold, it is flagged for review and sent to our customer service team. Push notifications are sent to your mobile device or computer as soon as something is flagged for approval.

Multiple Platforms

MIKASA Social combines multiple social media platforms to give your social feed the perfect combination of updates, pictures and messages.

| Tweet



Filter tweets by #hashtags, follow certain active users’ tweets, and personalize all messages through viewing preferences.

| Post



Share status updates, posts, page likes, shares, messages, group featured pages and more.

| Capture



Show the latest Instagram image uploads with custom positioning and sizing.



MIKASA Media supplies your company with a centralized content system of music and videos, customized for your target audience.


video wall


Entertain guests with music videos, movies and digital media to appeal to your customer base. Control and update all your content remotely!




Engage customers with the best music content. Allow customers to vote, pay or choose the music for your venue.


capture and playback


The media playback system schedules the perfect timing for your video and audio, and takes input from customers to play what they want to hear.



Create games, trivia, and more. Play your way!

Real-Time Entertainment

real time entertainment


Interact with customers in real-time with games that connect the user to your company or brand. Real-time entertainment allows you to engage customers, increase length of stay and customer retention.

Mobile Apps

mobile apps


Take your entertainment mobile. With a customized application from Crunchy Tech, you can study and measure customer trends and customer interaction.

Social Connection

social media connection


More than just games, your customers can publish their scores and rankings via social media – sharing your brand exponentially with your target audience.


MIKASA Play gives you access to standard or customized game experiences, overlaid onto any screen, television or display.


tv wtih trivia

Create and customize trivia games that appeal directly to your target market. Keep customers longer and connect customers directly with your organization’s brand.


tv with contest

Rather than giving discounts or paying for costly advertisement offers, host your contests in-store and gain instant repeat customers.


tv with bogo ad

Launching a new product? Introducing a new menu? Advertising a discount? Host your own promotional material on your app and your on in-store displays to maximize your message’s reach.

mikasa hardware diagram

The MIKASA hardware system is a custom engine that inputs your media content, social media, and games, and overlays this content onto any display.

Components of the hardware engine include a custom MIKASA engine, two HDMI cords, one breakout cable, and two RGB video outputs.

MIKASA hardware can combine MIKASA with Media, Social and/or Play to provide the best solution for your business needs.

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