Mobile Software Development

software development

Need a custom app that doesn’t exist?

We can help. Crunchy’s team of software engineers have diverse experience and expertise in many areas of software development. Crunchy develops software that supports your customized business needs, from custom mobile applications to global content distribution systems. Crunchy is constantly innovating its state-of-the-art software to better support, control, and engineer even better media solutions for today’s fast paced and high tech world.

Mobile App Development

mobile apps
Development across multiple platforms.

Crunchy’s custom application development can help your organization reach the next level of transparency and collaboration with clients and potential customers.

Applications made by Crunchy can be designed on multiple platforms and made to work seamlessly on many different mobile devices

Global Content Distribution

global content distribution
Manage your content around the world.

Crunchy Logistics believes in the ease of a holistic content system. With centralized content distribution, your organization can control the media in every one of your venue locations as well as customize content for different locations.

Capture and Playback

capture and playback
Record. Capture. Output.

Our media playback system schedules the perfect timing for your video and audio, and takes input from customers to play what they want to hear. Allow customers to virtually request songs, play-per-play, and schedule the music to be played in real time.

Other Application Technologies

mobile apps
Crunchy has experience in the design and implementation of many different applications, including:

  • • Loyalty Rewards
  • • Touch Applications
  • • Gesture Recognition
  • • Energy Management
  • • Medical Interfaces
  • • Social Media
  • • Trade-show Applications


starwood postcard app
thermo scientific app
global content distribution
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