Nomad Lifter

Display transportation made simple and easy.

Display Transportation Lift System

large screen display lifter

Nomad lifter is capable of safely transporting and lifting displays up to 90 inches in diagonal. Nomad connects to the back of your large display screen, allowing you to easily move it up and down for the perfect height, as well as rotate the screen landscape or portrait depending on your content needs. The Nomad Lifter is designed to effortlessly lift itself, along with your heavy screen, back into the ready to ship air transportation association (ATA) travel case.

Heavy Duty Lift Power

linear force

Nomad Lifter provides 450-900lb force of linear lift power to safely guide your display up to 70 inches high.

Self-Lifting into ATA Travel Case

large screen display lifter

Never lift a display again. By using a dual action patented lift system, the Nomad is able to hoist itself into the ready to ship case. This makes display transportation a simple and easy endeavor.

Rotate Landscape or Portrait

large screen display lifter

Lift, transport and rotate screens up to 90 inches in size. The rotation adapter makes turning the display into portrait or landscape a one-handed task.

Don’t Get Mad. Get Nomad.

The Nomad Lifter is great for transporting any large screen display to trade shows and events. The Nomad Lifter and case allow you to forgo any heavy lifting of screens and displays, and greatly decreases the chances of screens falling, being dropped, or shifting in transit. Nomad is the perfect investment for companies who are constantly shipping, transporting, setting up and breaking down screens for any event or occasion.