Padzilla At Florida Hospital Event 2011


Florida Hospital created a mobile application to demonstrate at the National Council for Presidents Event 2011. To reveal their Interactive iOS Magazine to 150 executives from major technology companies around the world, Florida Hospital really wanted to knock their socks off. No expense was spared, from a first-class fireworks show, to well…

When they heard about our giant iPad, Padzilla, they thought it would be a match made in heaven. Florida Hospital approached us for this event, and the timing was tight because it coincided with our exposition at IAAPA. Time constraints aside, we wanted to make it the best experience for Florida Hospital and we knew we could do it.

With 50 iPads in tow (just in case you didn’t have yours on you), we came in there like gangbusters. The iPads were preloaded with their new iPad ‘zine’ app, as was Padzilla. Using the iPad’s provided by Crunchy, the attendees were able to participate during the demonstration of the app on Padzilla. On the hospital’s veranda, executives were able to interact with the application on the large-scale version using Padzilla. They discussed the merits and benefits of the application, watched video, and physically slid images with their hands, engaging the crowd with something fresh.

It was a celebration of sorts. Not just because we were in Celebration, Florida, but also because it was a kick-off of a new communication tool and a new way of interacting. We helped Florida Hospital reach out to their audience by Plugging In; Changing the World. It was magical.


November 28, 2011