Display transportation made simple and easy. Nomad Lifter makes transporting, storing, and displaying large televisions and display units a breeze. With one-button lifting and lowering, Nomad slips into its convenient flight case with ease.

  • Effortless one-button lifting

    Nomad lifter is capable of safely transporting and lifting displays up to 103 inches in diagonal - Max 450lbs. Nomad connects to the back of your large display via VESA 400 - 800 and uses a convenient controller to effortlessly lift your display up to 70 inches.

  • Self lifts into travel case

    With one-button, you can raise and lower your display into its own travel case, without taking the display off. Add a convenient and safe flight case for travel across the country or convenient storage. With the Nomad Lifter system, you can feel at ease knowing your display will get there safe and sound.

  • Effortlessly switch between Portrait & Landscape modes

    The rotation adapter on the back of the Nomad Lifter makes it a breeze to turn your display from Portrait to Landscape and back again.

A Woman Lifts Her Large Screen HDTV Display With One-Button Lifting-While-Drinking-Her-Coffee
Nomad 2.0 Large Display Lift System with a 55" Mounted Display
A Flight / Travel Case for Large Screen HDTVs and Displays.
Nomad Large Display Lifter With Case
A Large HD Screen Sits On Nomad 2.0 With Wheels For Easy Movement

Full Specifications

  • Lift-Free, One-Button Operation

  • Portable, Easy Transporation

  • Height (Center Display) 42" - 60"

  • Portrait & Landscape Display Orientations

  • Max TV Weight: 450lb

  • Unit Weight: 160lb

  • VESA Compliant - 200, 400, or 600mm

  • Unit Weight with Flight Case Estimated @ 460lb

  • Flight Case Dimensions: (83" W x 32" D x 55" H)

  • Total Lift Time: approx. 30 seconds, depending on weight of display

  • Total Setup Time: Fully Functional in under 2 minutes

  • Minimum Height Dimensions: Portrait Orientation (24" W x 25" D x 52" H)

  • Minimum Height Dimensions: Landscape Orientation (35" W x 25" D x 52" H)

  • Maximum Height: 63.5" from floor to center of VESA mount

Nomad 2.0

Starting @ $7499

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