Mohawk flooring shows off their new app to a crowd at a Trade Show.

Mohawk flooring uses Padzilla to show a large crowd how their new app works.

ISE Expo (formerly OSP expo) 2017 is right around the corner & the last few weeks of getting your booth ready can quickly become a bit chaotic.

There are many questions that run through your head during final preparations. Do you have enough employees to staff the ISE show? How is your booth design company coming along with your ISE booth construction? Does all of your staff have their hotels booked for ISE 2017? But there’s one last piece of the puzzle that helps pull it all together; Lead Generation. There’s no point in spending all of these marketing dollars on a booth if you don’t capture your leads correctly, right?

Yes, it gets a bit hectic during these final few weeks before ISE 2017. But don’t worry. You’ve got this. And Crunchy has your lead generation needs covered with Padzilla!

Stand out amongst the crowd with a Giant iPhone at your booth.

Do you have an app that you’d like to show off at your ISE Expo booth this year? Do you need to show it off on a gigantic display, so everyone walking by the ISE booth can see it? Do you want people that are simply walking by to stop and interact with your ISE booth? That’s awesome. Because Padzilla does all of these things and more! Padzilla is a giant, fully functioning iPhone, with a built in home button and camera. Sizes range from 40″ display models and go all the way up to 80″ display models. While you can purchase Padzilla, a lot of our clients simply like to rent it for their show booths.

If you don’t have your own app, you can still use Padzilla to generate leads.

If your company doesn’t have your own app to show, you’ll be happy to know that you can still use Padzilla as a great lead-generation tool. Because Padzilla is a fully functional, giant iOS device, you can download any app from the app store and feature it at your booth. We’ve seen a lot of clients generate leads by placing a fun, interactive app on their Padzilla. In order to do this, simply place the Padzilla near the edge of your booth in an area that gets a lot of foot traffic. One great app to attract attention is Snapchat. Because of the filters on Snapchat, and the fully functional camera on Padzilla, show attendees will walk by your booth and get a giggle out of seeing their faces with dog ears and a tongue sticking out. When they stop to interact with the Padzilla, you get a chance to speak with them.

Infocomm 2017 show attendees interact with a Padzilla (Giant, Interactive iOS Device) at the Crunchy Tech booth.

No matter which app you’ve got running on the Padzilla, it is an amazing lead generation and display tool. To book a Padzilla for rental or to purchase a Padzilla, please fill out the quick form on this page and a sales rep will get back with you at a time that’s most convenient to you.

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