Produce Stunning Visuals in Any Environment

Indoor or Outdoor, static or mobile – we make renting the right LED Wall for your business simple. With adjustable brightness, easy installation, and accessible front-maintenance ports, Crunchy’s LED tiles can be configured in any fashion, always suited to your needs. Rent by the day, week, month, or longer in Orlando, FL.

Outdoor LED Tiles Created By Crunchy Tech in Orlando, FL

Our Outdoor LED tiles offer class leading specs while keeping maintenance easy and protecting against the elements. This gives you consistent performance come rain or shine. High-impact outdoor LED display walls are temperature, weather, and dust resistant. High brightness ensures our LED tiles produce vibrant visuals even in direct sunlight.

Indoor LED Tiles Created By Crunchy Tech in Orlando, FL

LED Walls provide the sort of high-impact visuals that will transform your business environment. Our Indoor LED Walls will engage customers, increase their length of stay, and increase customer retention. Enhance brand recognition exponentially with your target audience. We build any size and shape display to fit your needs.

Video Wall @ Marriott Vacation Club In Las Vegas, NV
  • PITCH: Clearer, sharper HD images from any distance

  • BRIGHTNESS: Generate perfect pictures even in direct sunlight

  • REFRESH RATE: Minimize interference from outside light sources

  • BLACK BASED LEDs: Obtain higher contgrast ratios with true blacks

  • IP65 RESISTANCE: Dust-tight and protected against the heaviest rain

  • High-Resolution 6mm Pitch

  • Up to 8500nits Brightness

  • 1000Hz Refresh Rate

  • IP65 Water Resistance

  • Black Based LEDs

Rental Installs

The flexibility that our panels provide invites you to explore your creativity anywhere in Orlando, FL. Our LED Walls come in any size, shape, and curvature to best meet your rental purposes.

  • Rallies & Sporting Events
  • Concerts & Festivals
  • Outdoor Conventions
Pitch (mm)P6P6.25P8P10
LED TypeSMD3535SMD3535SMD3535SMD3535
Brightness7500 cd/m27000 cd/m26500 cd/m26500 cd/m2
Viewing Angle120° / 120°120° / 120°120° / 120°120° / 120°
Refresh Rate1000HZ1000HZ1000HZ1000HZ
Drive Mode1/8 scan1/10 scan1/4 scan1/4 scan
Module Size (mm)192 x 192200 x 100256 x 128320 x 160
Cabinet Size (mm)576 x 576400 x 400512 x 512640 x 640
Max Power750W/m2750W/m2780W/m2740W/m2
Average Power300W/m2300W/m2315W/m2150W/m2
Water ResistanceIP65IP65IP65IP65
Pitch (mm)P12P16P20 
LED TypeSMD3535SMD3535SMD3535 
Brightness6000 cd/m25500 cd/m25000 cd/m2 
Viewing Angle120° / 120°120° / 120°120° / 120° 
Refresh Rate1000HZ1000HZ1000HZ 
Drive Mode1/4 scanstaticstatic 
Module Size (mm)192 x 192256 x 128320 x 160 
Cabinet Size (mm)768 x 768768 x 768960 x 960 
Max Power800W/m2415W/m2750W/m2 
Average Power315W/m2145W/m2300W/m2 
Water ResistanceIP65IP65IP65 
Pitch (mm)P8P10P12P16P20
Brightness8500 cd/m28500 cd/m28000 cd/m26500 cd/m26500 cd/m2
Viewing Angle120° / 60°120° / 60°120° / 60°120° / 60°120° / 60°
Refresh Rate1000HZ1000HZ1000HZ1000HZ1000HZ
Drive Mode1/4 scan1/4 scan1/2 scanstaticstatic
Module Size (mm)256 x 128160 x 160192 x 192256 x 128320 x 160
Cabinet Size (mm)768 x 768960 x 960960 x 9601024 x 8961280 x 960
Max Power750W/m2750W/m2750W/m2780W/m2600W/m2
Average Power300W/m2300W/m2300W/m2300W/m2240W/m2
Water ResistanceIP65IP65IP65IP65IP65
Pitch (mm)P1.5P1.9P2.5P3P4
LED TypeSMD1010SMD1010SMD1515SMD2121SMD2121
Brightness800 cd/m2800 cd/m2800 cd/m21300 cd/m21500 cd/m2
Viewing Angle120° / 120°120° / 120°120° / 120°120° / 120°120° / 120°
Pixel Density409600 pixels/m2270400 pixels/m2160000 pixels/m2111111 pixels/m262500 pixels/m2
Viewing Distance1.5m1.9m2.5m3m4m
Refresh Rate1000HZ1000HZ1000HZ1000HZ1000HZ
Drive Mode1/32 scan1/32 scan1/32 scan1/16 scan1/16 scan
Module Size (mm)200 x 150200 x 150160 x 80192 x 96256 x 168
Cabinet Size (mm)400 x 300400 x 300480 x 320384 x 384512 x 512
Max Power1000W/m2800W/m2900W/m2800W/m2800W/m2
Average Power400W/m2330W/m2360W/m2330W/m2330W/m2
Water ResistanceIP43IP43IP43IP43IP43
Pitch (mm)P5P6P7.62P8P10
LED TypeSMD3528SMD3528SMD3528SMD3528SMD3528
Brightness2500 cd/m22800 cd/m22800 cd/m21800 cd/m21300 cd/m2
Viewing Angle120° / 120°120° / 120°120° / 120°120° / 120°120° / 120°
Pixel Density40000 pixels/m227777 pixels/m217222 pixels/m215625 pixels/m210000 pixels/m2
Viewing Distance5m6m6m8m10m
Refresh Rate1000HZ1000HZ1000HZ1000HZ1000HZ
Drive Mode1/16 scan1/8 scan1/8 scan1/4 scan1/4 scan
Module Size (mm)160 x 160192 x 192244 x 244256 x 128320 x 160
Cabinet Size (mm)640 x 640576 x 576732 x 732768 x 768960 x 960
Max Power700W/m2750W/m2750W/m2780W/m2750W/m2
Average Power280W/m2300W/m2300W/m2315W/m2300W/m2
Water ResistanceIP43IP43IP43IP43IP43


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