• Projection Blending

    Crunchy Tech's Multi Projection Technology supports nearly any configuration* of projectors needed to meet your requirements. We'll create seemless whole wall projection displays using our proprietary projection blending and stitching configurations. Never let location hold you back. Our technology is capable of projection warping, curved projection, dome projection, and even projector room simulations.

  • Gamma Correction

    We realize not all projectors are created equal. That means their color reproduction will often not match during the blending process. With Crunchy Tech's Multi Projection Technology, you can control gamma across the board. Level the playing field and bring out the true colors in your projected image.

How Multi-Projection Works
What an image on a projector looks like with bad gamma correction.
What an image looks like after gama has been corrected - good gama correction example

Your All-in-One Projection Solution

Multi Projection from Crunchy Tech is the high performance, multi wall projection system for 3d projection mapping, projection stitching, gamma correction, warping and more!

Multi Projection from Crunchy Tech is packed with the features and flexibility you need to create an engaging solution tailored to your needs. Let Crunchy Tech worry about the technology so you can focus on creating a memborable experience for your audience.


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