Client appreciation for Crunchy's products and services.

The work Crunchy has been doing is a game changer for this industry.

– Dave Ugan, VP Information Technology at Foundation Partners

Crunchy Logistics was instrumental in making our event a success. We were looking for a high impact way to demonstrate a new iPad app to our customers at our major trade show. Our creative brainstorming led us to the idea of demonstrating the app on a “bigger than life” iPad. We thought that such a device would draw people into our booth and immediately engage them with its size. Moreover, we really wanted the screen of the device to perform like a real iPad so that customers could try the app out themselves out using the large display.

What began as just an idea was made a reality when we found Crunchy Logistics. We searched far and wide for an ultra large display with a working touchscreen that could handle an iPad app. The “Padzilla” display Crunchy Logistics offered exceeded our expectations and was the only thing of its kind on the market. Its iPad-like look, its working home button and camera, and the speedy display made a great impact.

Padzilla arrived at the convention center in advance of when we expected it giving us the added confidence of having Padzilla up and running early. And the on-site technical support provided by Crunchy’s technician was outstanding from set up to tear down. When the convention center network gave us problems, the Crunchy technician produced a network card that allowed us to stay on line and keep impressing our customers without a hitch.

It’s great knowing that we’ve got a bunch of innovative guys at Crunchy Logistics that we can tap into should we ever come up with such crazy ideas again.

– Barry Jereb, Manager, Rockwell Automation Product Selection Tools and Technologies

You guys did a great job and I look forward to partnering up again next year!

– Hernan Capdevila, Oracle Director of Fusion iOS Applications

You pulled off a flawless and impressive event.  You and your team are amazing.  I thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have done to make National Council of Presidents a success and for all the times that you supported our organization over the past year.  You have become a part of our Florida Hospital family that we can trust and rely on.  We are so blessed to be able to work with you and your team.

– Ann Corniel, Operations Manager of Florida Hospital

Thanks to you and your team for your generosity to provide Padzilla for our opening.  It was a hit and helped people to navigate through the website and curriculum.  We had a great response from the community – the event was highly appreciated.  You’re a great partner with Florida Hospital and this project will make a difference in Children’s Health.  I am pleased to hear how your business is expanding.  We love to see the success of good people.

– Des Cummings, Vice President of Florida Hospital