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Touch Screens and Software

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Crunchy touch screens give your business the tools to maximize the impact of interactive digital signage. Our touch screens allow you to increase the size of your phone, tablet, or laptop, while keeping the same functionality of the connected device. These high quality touch screen hardware and software packages are a great investment for companies looking to drive employee productivity, engage retail customers and entertain large audiences at events and trade shows.

Operating Systems

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Seamlessly run your favorite OS.

Crunchy touch screens are unique< because they can seamlessly run any of your favorite operating systems, including iOS, OSX, Android, Windows or Linux. Our custom software allows you to connect and interact with your touch screen just like you would use your tablet or your phone.

Touch Points

iOS touch screen
Pick how many touch points work for you.

Crunchy can add your ideal number of touch points to any screen. Touch points range from the standard amount, six points, up to 32 simultaneous touch points. Custom touch points can help reduce costs and add the most value to large touch panels.


windows touch screen
Ultra Thin Overlays

Crunchy overlays are ultra-thin at just 8.7 mm and employ independent LPUs (Light Processing Units). Our multi-touch overlays offer superior performance with industry leading samples rates (up to 200 fps), touch accuracy (2.7 mm), and maximum detectable touch points.

Supersize your iOS experience.

padzilla giant iPad

Padzilla is an interactive accessory for iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

Our display incorporates the latest multi-touch technology and software to allow your mobile tablet or phone to be increased in size, while keeping the same touch functionality that everyone knows and loves! Just plug in your phone or tablet to interact with all your favorite websites, apps, and software on a large touch screen display. Padzillas are great for live demos, architecture, marketing, retail and interactive presentations.

Interactive Software

software development
Utilizing well known software on touch screens makes it easier for users to understand and intuitively navigate on large touch screens. Customers can interact with your company’s software, website, or applications, as well as share their experience through social media and other online sources. With full access to a computer or tablet’s operating system, as well as the Internet, Crunchy touch screens bring signage to a whole new level of engagement.


touch screen wall mount
Mount to any location.

Mount your giant touch screen to any wall or surface and create an interactive experience for any office, lobby, or store! Mobile touch screen mounts are also available to take your touch screen on the road and showcase your software at trade shows, events and conferences.

Touch Tables

touch table
Leave an impression.

Whether impressing a new client, showcasing new software, or entertaining guests in a lobby, touch screen tables are an innovative addition any business location.

Sizes and Frames

Create any layout, anywhere.

Crunchy specializes in creating custom frames for your large touch screen. Combine your touch screen with a custom frame to create a giant computer, tablet, or phone… The possibilities are endless!

Trade Shows and Special Events

Crunchy touch screens are perfect for trade shows and special events. Large touch screens add an immediate “wow” factor that will have guests raving about your event. With access to the entire app store, your audience can play games, connect with your event app, and share their experience on social media sites.


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