Unreal Bowling Pricing

Our installation Process

Unreal Bowling makes NO physical modifications to your current lanes whatsoever!

We install projectors above the bowling lanes and stitch them down the length of the lanes spanning across sets of two lanes, these projectors are solely responsible for projecting the graphics on the lanes requiring NO physical modifications to your current lanes.

Infrared lights are placed alongside the projectors to filter out light variations and help create the tracking environment; infrared light is not visible to the human eye.

High speed cameras are also installed in/on the ceiling that are designed to track items breaking the infrared plane, i.e. bowling balls, and translate that information to the Unreal Bowling computer.

It is the Unreal Bowling computer that produces the desired audio and visuals effects down each of your lanes. Speakers are installed above the approach of each lane and above its respective seating area.

* Client is responsible for high voltage preparation, each set of two lanes will require seven to eight receptacles powered over a single 20 Amp circuit.



Every installation of Unreal Bowling includes all of the required hardware:

  1. Projectors
  2. Projector Mounts
  3. Tracking Cameras
  4. Tracking Lights (IR)
  5. Speakers
  6. Power Amplifier
  7. Custom Graphics Computer
  8. Control Server


All Unreal Bowling installations include the following at no extra cost:

  1. 1 Year of Remote Support
  2. Includes first year of Unreal Bowling subscription (Standard Annual License)

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GOLD Advantages

Professional Projectors

  1. 15% Brighter – improved performance in bright environments (4000 Lumens)
  2. Higher Pixel Density – improved sharpness and clarity (1920×1200)
  3. LCoS Technology – improved motion handling vs. DLP projection

Backgrounds, Effects, & Mini Games

Enjoy unlimited updates and instant access with our Premium subscription. Our annual subscription model is our best value which allows the user access to all of our latest releases.

Price per lane*
Price per lane*
Basic Features O O
Instant Updates O
Premium Features O
Uploads O
Effects unlimited 5 free
Backgrounds unlimited 5 free

The Unreal marketplace allows users to purchase content on a per mini game/background/animation basis. Please visit www.unrealbowlshop.com to stay up to date on all new Unreal content releases! Sign up to be added to our Unreal Content Release mailing list.