Unreal Bowling

The World’s First Interactive Bowling Solution

Unreal Bowling is an interactive bowling experience that brings the bowling ball and lane to life through the use of high end graphics and audio. Engage customers, increase length of stay, and increase customer retention. Share your brand exponentially with your target audience.

Bowling Ball Animations

Bring the bowling ball to life with custom animations. Pick and choose your styles from the many animations built into Unreal Bowling.

Magic Trail
Flower Petals
Lane Background Themes

Animate your entire lane with different themes that suit the occasion. Have a birthday party? Fill the background with interactive balloons that bounce and wiggle — Just one of many themes in our Unreal Bowling system.

(with falling tiles)
(for tracing ball path)
(with interactive balloons)
Piano Keys
(with interactive keys)
Advertising Options

Unreal Bowling changes how you advertise.

  • Sponsor corporate events
  • Affiliate advertising
  • Promote food and drink specials
  • Make use of open lane space
Custom Backgrounds

Have ideas for custom animations or backgrounds? We can produce custom backgrounds/animations for you. Just contact Crunchy for more info. Unreal Bowling supports standard images on the lane as well. Just upload, select and go.

Games Within a Game

Feature coming soon. Unreal will soon have games within a game. Imagine playing horse with bowling or trying to bowl over zombies. These are all possible with Unreal.

Contact Us

Shoot us an email or give us a call for more info. We’d love to hear from you!